Friday, September 9, 2011


If you don't know, the Kansas State flower is the Sunflower.  Have you checked the sides of the highway and roads lately?  Well, in the country anyway.  The bright shining faces of the wildflower are facing the sun and trace the sun's rays across the sky.  

I grow sunflowers in my flower garden.  I have one about 15 feet tall.  It has several large seed heads now and I am sure the birds will be going after them as soon as it turns cooler and the birds' food sources become more scarce.  Fall is truely here in the Kansas Flint Hills.

When my daughter was little, we used to stop along the highway under the viaduct of Interstate 70 in Topeka, Kansas and pick the sunflowers, take them home and put them in water (in a Mason Jar).  While we lived in the city, I still acted like a "small town girl".  I guess now, after 30 years I still have that heart.  I still love sunflowers and roses.  Actually, roses were imported to Kansas and they are my favorite city flower.  I don't grow them.  

Take a moment today while  in the countryside to look at the flowers along the ditches.   You might be pleasantly surprised!  Take care and God bless.

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