Thursday, September 8, 2011

Snooze Time

Another sunny, wonderful day.  My dad's motorcycle was in the shop getting a tune-up and battery; new wiring on the ignition.  His motorcycle is an older bike - an 1990 Harley Davidson Ultra.  He had over 220,000 miles on it when he had the engine rebuilt in 2010.  OBTW, he is 82 years old. 

He doesn't ride anymore because of his health. When I asked why he was having his bike worked a couple of weeks ago, he said it was because he wanted it to RUN.   He wasn't going to have something that didn't work.

Two years ago he quit riding; two years ago he became very depressed because he couldn't "go".  However, he is doing fine with his new little car.  He has his own routine:  breakfast with the "girls" at 8:00 o'clock; home for a little nap; lunch with his friends at the Emmett bar; home for a while and then later about 3:00, he heads to Mickey's in Rossville to visit with George Love.  Old friends.

Today, my dear husband brought Dad's bike home from Topeka Harley Davidson and then spent the afternoon visiting with Dad.  When I picked up my husband later in the afternoon, Dad looked 10 years younger!  Happy!  I know he can't  ride the bike (arthritis), but it works!  

OBTW, when I took my husband back to get his truck, there was so many detours around the town it took me twice as long to get out of town as it did to get there!  No wonder I hate T-town.  Glad I live in the Flint Hills.

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