Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Returned and Blessed

Fall is fast approaching.  This morning it was very cool and once again the old Kaw River was shrouded in mist and fog - like a big cotton blanket upon the dry cornfields and land surrounding the river valley.

There are three things that I am thankful for today:  

1.  Our home nestled in the Nemaha Mountains in the Kansas Flint Hills.  We've lived here for almost 20 years;
2.  Our family, even though they are not as close as we'd like our daughter and her family to be, we know they love us.  We know we love their little family. 
3.  We are blessed by God to live in a free country. We move about our country unaccosted and welcomed by the states we visit.  We have returned home after an 11 day motorcycle vacation and we are tired, but am glad to get back into the routine again.  

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