Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another beautiful day in the Flint HIlls

The sun is brilliant in the blue Kansas sky.  Clouds, cumulus clouds with dark underbellies, float on the light breeze this afternoon.  It is in the upper 60s degrees and the grasshoppers are jumping everywhere - on the engine of the motorcycle; on the front ferring, on me - the back seater.   Hint:  never wear a new jacket on the back of the bike in the fall. 

Yup, the sunflowers are gorgeous as well as the white yarrow and the lovely dotted gayflower clumped in the pastures.  A few butterflies flit here and there.  A beautiful yellow and black butterfly hoovered around my Rose of Sharon bush this morning after the rain.

It rained last night, with thunder rumbling in the distant.  A beautiful sound for the dry and thirsty land.  The air is so fresh and clean this day.  Better than any mountain air.

Happy riding, my friends!

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