Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last week.... A Late Posting.

Wow! The weekend has flown by and it is now Sunday evening as I pen this missive. It will be the start of another work day in less than 12 hours, unless of course you are retired (which I am definitely not).

My dear husband and I attended a wedding Sunday afternoon in which he officiated the ceremony. Our relationship with the groom’s family is long standing. I have been a friend of the groom’s sister for over 30 years and my dear sweet husband officiated at several weddings and a few funerals over those three decades. It is surprising how large the circle of friends has become and how intertwined the relationships. In fact, we met several people from Wabaunsee County who are friends of the bride!

Ronnie Berquist and his lovely fiancée, Judy, were married Sunday afternoon, October 10, 2010 in a ceremony at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Topeka, Kansas. I think the date will be easy to remember: 10-10-10. Ronnie won’t forget their anniversary! Ronnie’s son, Dusty, was married last month to his fiancée; his other son, Brian, will be married next spring to Kim, the daughter of another friend! Additionally, Ronnie’s nephew Alex will marry his fiancée in the spring. I think there was collaboration on the engagements! A nice article and photograph appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal on Sunday, September 5, 2010.

We had several good laughs about my dear husband “marrying” somebody. My friend reintroduced my husband to Kim as “Hal married your brother”. Kim got a quizzical look on her face until my dear husband clarified that he performed the ceremony and was actually married to me!

After the wedding and the wedding supper, we said our goodbyes to the newlyweds and our friends. On the way home we drove through the neighborhood where we used to live near Lake Shawnee. Over 16 years ago, it was a newly developed subdivision. The four trees we planted in our yard had grown tall and graceful, shading the lot. The locust tree, which my dad had saved by pruning out the dead top when it was about two years old, stood majestically next to the street. The huge flower bed that my dear husband built for me from decorative timbers is full of mature plants and shrubbery. Our split-level ranch house was built with a brick-edge on the front. The new owners added a red brick finish and covered the siding with vinyl of the same color as we had originally painted it. We had some good memories there, rearing our daughter and starting our marriage. It was a pleasure to see it mature along with the neighborhood.

We were surprised later, as we stood in line to check out at the local hardware store. The gentleman who lived next door to us in the old neighborhood was in line behind us and we struck up a “catching up” conversation. A nice way to end the day!

Until next time, we hope your memories are as pleasant as ours have been. Take care and God bless y’all. Vicky

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