Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yikes the rain!

Rain it did, a total of 4 inches of the wet stuff pouring down beginning at sunset and all night long. Sigh, the little Lake Wabaunsee was full of water and now, when I drove over the Maple Hill Creek, it was roaring near flood stage: a mini-mighty muddy Mississippi.

Now, this little photograph was taken of Mill Creek after a beautiful ice storm in January 2008.

It was a busy day starting at 6 AM and I didn't get home until 7:00 PM. I think I drove over 150 miles for the PWRL Library from St. Marys, to Wamego, then Alma, and Alta Vista Mini Library. I visited with Doris M. who has been fill-in librarian; she is retired and such a sweetie. Then, I raced over to Eskridge to meet Shirley P. where she picked up the Harveyville Mini Library stuff from me... After working until 5, I drove the mini-van back to SM and got my car. Whew, what a day.

I watched an old movie, a nice movie, with Robert Montgomery, "Here Comes Mr. Jordan". He played Joe Pendleton a boxer who died before his time. I loved it; it was wonderful.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Returning from the Great Adventure

Wonderful weather followed us on our travels to the Great Southwest. We had a fabulous time and on the last day, we rode 390 miles from Perrington, Texas to home, stopping in Alma before we actually got home. Darn Kansas Wind, why do we have to go through Western Kansas to get to the good places? The wind blew hard all day long, cross wise, against us.

And you know what greeted us? My two lovely, very spoiled cats had a big party while we were gone. Yep, they invited their friends over and trashed the house. Little bitty pieces of blue gritty litter was tracked all through the hallway in the utility room and the back hallway. The rug that covers the threshold of the entry way to the utility room was flung across the hall and folded up against the back door, covered with grit. Pieces of litter were tracked into the back bedroom (at least it wasn't on the bed) and throughout the kitchen. Kitty food was at a premium... they would have starved if we were a day later. They have a two quart automatic feeder. That was almost empty as well as the second one-quart bowl next to the litter box. AND the water bowl was messy and looked like one of the partiers washed their little paws in it.

So, for an hour I cleaned and vacuumed and washed, then refilled the water bowl and cat food bowl all the while each kitty whined and cried. Then, at 8:30 PM, bedtime they both snuggled up and slept by my side, promising they would never invite those bad cats again.