Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yep, it snowed again

This is what we saw at first light, 6 inches of heavy snow... and still going.

Don't you just love those beautiful Kansas Flint Hills?
What's this?

This started out as a birthday present. I began this in, would you believe, September? Actually, September 6, to be exact. My friends and I had gone to a Fine Art Exhibit at the new Bloch edition of the Nelson Art Gallery. On our way back, we stopped at one of my friend's mom's house (that's a mouth full) and she is an advid quilter. I always had denuim in mind - jeans on the brain - so I came up with this idea. A four patch of brushed cotton and variety of jean denium...

Cass loves sleeping on the bed... especially, when I am using it to lay out the quilt...

I ran out of denium... so I bought more. Then I decided I wanted to put polar fleece on the back... So I bought some of that. The fleece wasn't going going to work out and I wanted something a little nicer, so I went to my local quilt shop and bought some more brushed cotton... Well, my gift was NOT done in time for the birthday, so I made a pillow out of a couple of the extra patches... Boy, those ladies really smiled when they saw me comin' for some more denium!

Well, I was almost done in time for Christmas. Almost. I still had to tie (not quilt) the top, which I got done, then I needed to bind it. Back to the quilt shop! Whoppee! Those ladies love me! I bought the binding and I finished it in time for Valentines Day. My brother actually got it on the Sunday before Valentines Day! See?... :)

Happy Birthday Day!
Happy Halloween!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Oh, Yes, and Happy Birthday...err Valentine's Day, Ray!

(I'm confused.)

Love ya, "Sis"

(don't ya think this is a good picture? Who's that guy?)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yep, it snowed again. I wrote to my brother-in-law and asked if he would send his snowblower, since he moved from New Jersey to Louisana. He won't need it...

The sun is melting much of the ice and snow from the streets and traffic is getting around pretty good.

Ah, Kansas. Land of Snow. Er, I mean, Land of Ahs! Hmmm.... Maybe we really live in Narnia?
No! Wait! It's Global Warming!

No! Wait! It snowed like this in 1983, 1967, 19... Is there a pattern here? Does anybody know?

No! Wait! Call that guy, you know, what's his name who won the Nobel Peace Prize for a movie! You know, what's his face? Where is he now, hiding out until after the election... Maybe he is secretly hoping for a write-in campaign.

On the street where you live...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Old Button Basket, Elaine Brozich

A wicker basket so drab and torn,
But what wonderful memoiries it enfolds,
Long years ago it was shiny, unworn -
What child wouldn't love the treasure it holds?

A pearly button off baby's dress,
So small it's almost lost,
A few of jet from Grandma's cloak,
And here's one gold-embossed!

A lonely cuff link, a Chinese coin,
A necklace, but only part;
One no longer see such simple things
Delight a young child's heart.

Black-headed pins - where are they now?
A coat button on a string,
An empty spool, a rubber band,
A tic-tac for Halloween in the thing!

Ah! How I long for the days of youth
And the treasures we always could find
In Mother's wonderful button box,
Such simple pleasure too soon left behind.