Friday, November 2, 2007

Too Many Books...

Today I spent several hours working at the Alma, Kansas Branch Library. Yes, I have a real job since the day I retired; actually, I was hired on the same day that I retired from "the other job" as a substitute librarian for the Eskridge and Alma Branch Libraries, which are part of the Pottawatomie-Wabaunsee Regional Library. Check out the link!

Libraries have been a part of my life since I can remember. A perpetual book worm - I love books, love browsing book shelves, and reading. I hope someday to find one of my own books on a shelf. Since retirement, I really don't want to buy books. But you know, we have a fabulous library system in Wabaunsee County and a book-loan system where you can get just about any book. So... if you didn't get your library card during "Sign up at your Library Month" -September-, it is never too late to get a card.

Oh, yes. A bit of trivia I learned today from the head librarian in Alma, JM. Wabaunsee means "Dawn of Day". Pretty cool, huh!

Have a great day! vj

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