Friday, November 30, 2007

Could this be Kansas?

Well, this speaks for itself.

This week, I have seen a number of hunters in their bright orange outfits, some in camos, driving trucks and heading for the woods. Of course, deer season always starts on our anniversary and, this year, it will again. However, my dear husband (MDH), who was offered hunting trips by several of his buddies, will not be shooting Bambi this year. Well, that's okay by me.

The first year we lived in Wabaunsee County, he brought home a six point buck. It was the first time in YEARS that he had been hunting and got the deer on the first day!

After the deer was field dressed, MDH strung the head and hide up in the tree -- in our front yard. Now, how redneck is that? MDH didn't want it in the garage, but he wanted the antlers and the hide.

Did you know that nylon ropes s t r e t c h ? After about a week, we heard growling and fighting going in the middle of the night. The next morning, there were hunks of hide and tuffs of fur all over the yard and the hide was shredded. The head and antlers were still in tact, but the hide... Well, coyotes had their fill! Needless to say, us city folks cut down carcass and properly disposed of it after removing the antlers.

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